3D Optical Illusion Art

Clearwater Florida creator of unique art and images
featuring impossible art and optical illusions.

Welcome to the realm of inspirational motivational art and metal sculptures that show us all is possible. Jim Newman creates optical illusions with each piece. His work, at first, may be perceived by you as an object on a picture, but one soon realizes the objects are not what they seem.

With these optical illusion prints, even if you were an expert builder, it would be difficult to conceive of constructing these figures. However, now as a sculpture artist, Jim has figured out each one so they can be built from small to grand scale. These sculptures can be placed in parks, busy concourses, atriums, front of building structures and more. They are built with excellent materials that will last through time in any weather.

The art you see can be purchased in many forms, from photo prints, Giclee’s, metal art and commissioned sculptures.


Commission both small, medium or large sculptures. We can build them to your size specifications. Sculptures are made of aluminum but can be made in different mediums.



Choose from our selection of Photo Prints, Giclee’s and metal art. Framing is not included.


About the Artist

Having been a builder and later a certified contractor I worked out how to build the images into sculptures.


Quote from the Author

“After some years of sketching and drawing many images my next phase of work was a whole new adventure in discovery. I had to learn computer graphics and I spent countless hours making over many of the objects and perfecting them.”

“From that point I decided to build the actual object from the image in print to see if I could actually create the optical illusion in the real world. In an old workroom at my wife’s parent’s place, on my vacation I built the first prototype. It was thrilling. It could be done! I had always wanted to inspire people to do the impossible – go beyond the normal boundaries. With the first sculpture finished I knew I could indeed create “the impossible” and help people to see they too could achieve their “impossible goals”!