Jim Newman When Jim was growing up in the mountains of Death Valley, he was inspired by the artist M.C Escher. Escher is known for his many complex and beautiful patterns that create optical illusions. Fascinated by the possibilities in his own art, Jim decided to put his pencil to paper to create his own “impossible art”.

Having an engineering mind and a construction background, Jim was fascinated by the way shapes fit together and materials are used to transcend the normal way we look at things. Jim is a certified contractor, so it was second nature not only to create images, but to build sculptures from the images.

Born out of the interest in creating a distinct piece of art, something that will inspire and intrigue the mind, Jim started with sketches. Having created over a hundred images, his next challenge was bringing them into the three dimensional world. First made from wood, then cast in aluminum metal and polished to a high gloss, the first sculpture was made with great success.

Philosophy, as we become more aware of life itself, is something that keeps us interested in the foundation of survival. This art ignites emotion and creates feelings, which make one think, “Is nothing impossible?”

In creating this art, Jim had the technical know how to construct a sculpture from the images. One is meant to line up the points to create an illusion, therefore, contributing one’s own surprise and delight to the art. When viewed from the appropriate angle, Jim’s art indeed creates a unique one of a kind optical illusion that inspires one to do the impossible!